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Learn about injuries  

This Blog page offers free information, articles and tutorials on managing common sports injuries. Just like our treatment and management, the articles and videos by the team at Sports Physio Hwb Lampeter are based on up-to-date scientific research, which we have referenced for those wanting more info. For an individually tailored assessment and plan please contact us to book an appointment.


Free video tutorials

In this video, Steph explains a few different things to look out for when choosing running shoes after coming back from injury or if you've had injury problems in the past. She also explains why it's not just all about the shoe and how training variables and biomechanics are important to consider too.


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Can't find the injury you're looking for?

While we build our resource library for you, take a look at the extensive articles and videos for online physio clinics that Steph also works for: 

  • for all the information you might ever need for tackling achilles injuries

But lucky for you, you can come and see us face-to-face!

We hope you find this useful. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to make a booking.

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