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Physiotherapy Full Assessment £45

Suitable for:

  • Sprains & strains, tears & pulls

  • Injury or pain that doesn’t seem to be resolving

  • Recurring injuries

  • Overuse & repetitive strain or overtraining injuries

  • Joint pain, muscle pain, tendon pain, disc problems

  • Post-surgery & post-fracture rehab

  • Biomechanical analysis or injury prevention plan


Appointment includes:

  • Full face-to-face examination of the injured area

  • Assessment of biomechanics 

  • Self-management advice and prevention strategies

  • Hands-on treatment 

  • Written report with tailored individual rehab plan

  • Virtual / online appointments available on request

Physiotherapy treatment / follow up £35

  • Available after either a triage or a full assessment


Appointment includes:

  • Review of the injured area

  • Review of biomechanics

  • Hands-on treatments as appropriate e.g. massage, mobilisation, manipulation, acupuncture, taping 

  • Written progress report with updated tailored individual rehab plan

Massage / Maintenance with advice
£35 for 30 min
£45 for 45 min

Suitable for:

  • Ongoing maintenance of existing injuries / aches / pains or for performance

  • Minor 'niggles' that you would like some advice for alongside basic maintenance / massage for areas of tightness or stiffness

What the appointment includes:

  • Full treatment time allocated to hands-on treatment unless further testing or advice is required

The type of advice you could get alongside your treatment:

  • Advice on self-management e.g. what exercises to do / what to avoid

  • Advice on whether a full physio assessment is required

  • Advice on whether onward referral is needed

  • Advice on whether X-Rays / scans are needed

  • Advice on whether further treatment is required

This service differs to a full assessment and does not include:

  • Written report (verbal advice only)

  • Written personalised rehab / exercise plan (available with full assessment only)


Not suitable for:

  • Complex or recurrent injuries (full assessment required)

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