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Sports injury & physiotherapy specialists



Each of our expert physiotherapists at Sports Physio Hwb have over 16 years' experience in treating musculoskeletal and sports injuries. From elite athletes and rugby players to recreational runners, from military personnel to NHS patients... there's not much we haven't treated or seen before and are confident we can help you achieve your rehab goals. Take a look at our Meet the Team page below to find out more.

By appointment only - contact us to book.

Being injured also doesn't always mean the dreaded 'R' word... rest. There are usually plenty of alternative ways to keep fit and strong while looking after your injury.


For personal training with a rehab focus, take a look at our Injured Fitness page to see how our online partner Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor (ERI) can put you through paces to make sure that by the time your injury has recovered you'll be stronger than before.

Our 4 Step Process

Step 1 - Listen

Let our physiotherapy specialists listen to you to build up a detailed picture of your injury and possible contributing factors

Step 2 - Look

We look to assess not just your injury but associated strength and biomechanics

Step 3 - Diagnose

We make a diagnosis and work with you to design a treatment and rehab plan

Step 4 - Treat

We implement the plan, get you back to training / playing / working, and advise you on how to reduce the risk of it happening again

Our Mission

No long waiting lists, no complicated jargon... our aim is to provide straight-talking, honest and affordable treatment and rehab to get your injury sorted as quickly as possible. Instead of any gimmicks or fads, we will work with you to get the best outcome by combining our years of clinical experience with up-to-date research to guide our treatment plans.

Examples of the types of injuries we treat:

  • Tendon pain / tendinopathy / tendonitis

  • Muscle strains

  • Ligament injuries and joint pain

  • Stress fractures and bony injuries

  • Post-surgery rehab for arthroscopy, fracture or joint replacement

  • Back and  neck pain

You don't have to be injured for us to help you... we also offer

  • Biomechanical analysis / injury prevention advice

  • Maintenance massage or hands-on treatment for longer term problems


Contact us to find out more.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

IMG_4476 3.jpg

Steph Davies


Chartered Physiotherapist



Steph is a specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist, with a degree in Physiotherapy and a masters degree in Sports & Exercise Medicine. She is registered with the Health Care Professions Council and has over 16 years' experience in assessing, treating and rehabilitating musculoskeletal and sports injuries. 


Steph has previously worked full-time in Premiership Rugby, with serving soldiers for the British Armed Forces, at the London Olympics and for various high level sports including basketball, tennis, football, running and triathlon. She also has extensive NHS and private practice experience as an advanced clinical specialist.


Over the years she has developed an in-depth knowledge of sports injury management and strong hands-on skills from dealing with acute injuries from the side of a pitch to end-stage and high level rehabilitation to return to athletes to top level sport.


Although she now rarely finds the time to play, she used to compete at an international level in tennis. These days she likes to keep fit by running and spends the rest of her time racing around after her two busy children.


Glynn Davies


Chartered Physiotherapist



Glynn is an Advanced Physiotherapy Practitioner with a degree in Physiotherapy and a Masters degree in Musculoskeletal Diagnostic Ultrasound.  He is registered with the Health Care Professions Council and has over 17 years experience in musculoskeletal and sports injury management. 


He worked for the NHS as an Advanced Practitioner, assessing and treating complex musculoskeletal injuries.  This role also involves utilising diagnostic ultrasound both in a Physiotherapy and Radiology setting to enhance patient care.  

Glynn’s primary area of interest is the assessment and treatment of musculoskeletal sports injuries.  He strongly believes that an in-depth working knowledge of human anatomy is crucial to effective patient care.  

He has honed his skills through a number of years working for the British Armed Forces, working alongside some of the top Sports and Exercise Medicine Specialists.  He previously worked in Premier League Football, elite level basketball, running and private practice, in London and New Zealand.  

He enjoys keeping fit, through a combination of running, strength training, managing a smallholding and spending time with Steph and their two active children.  

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